Atualização polycom soundpoint 331 firmware download

atualização polycom soundpoint 331 firmware download

atualização polycom soundpoint 331 firmware download

Documentation supporting Polycom UC Software 4.1.1 Rev AB is available for the following product solutions: SoundPoint IP 321/331, 335, 450, 550, 560, 650, Duo, 5000. Newly Introduced Features For the full list of released features, see Polycom Profiled UC Software Features .

Product Name Product Name & Notes Software Download Release Notes Release Date; SIP Software Downloads Matrix Polycom UC Software for SoundPoint IP, SoundStation IP, VVX 500, 1500 Business Media Phones and SoundStructure [combined] Release Notes (PDF) 191 MB

Polycom IP 331 Firmware Upgrade Upgrade to firmware version Menu / Settings / Advanced / Administration Settings / Network Configuration / Server Menu Configure the DHCP menu 3.x firmware: Menu / Settings / Advanced / Admin Settings / Network Configuration / DHCP Menu o Boot Server: Static o BootSrv Type: IP Address Configure the Provisioning Server menu o Server Type: …

Hi , I have polycom IP 331 with Boot Rom verion, I need advice any latest firmware is available I searched and found only 4..1. version ,How my phone in 4.3 Please give me calrity With Regards N.Pralash

Polycom UC Software Release Matrix for SoundPoint IP and SoundStation IP Phones. Software Release Matrix for Polycom VVX, SoundStructure, OBi Edition Phones. Release Release Notes IP301 IP320/330 IP321/331 IP335 IP430 IP450 IP501 IP550 IP560 IP600 IP601 IP650 IP670 IP4000 IP5000 IP6000 IP7000 SoundStation Duo Available From Date Released Shipping Configuration Comments; …

SoundPoint. SoundPoint Pro SE-220. SoundPoint Pro SE-225. SoundPoint IP. SoundPoint IP 300. SoundPoint IP 301. SoundPoint IP 320/330. SoundPoint IP 321/331. SoundPoint IP 335. SoundPoint IP 430. SoundPoint IP 450. SoundPoint IP 500. SoundPoint IP 501. SoundPoint IP 550. SoundPoint IP 560. SoundPoint IP 600 ...

atualização polycom soundpoint 331 firmware download ⭐ LINK ✅ atualização polycom soundpoint 331 firmware download

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