Flash firmware to maker select v2

flash firmware to maker select v2

flash firmware to maker select v2

 · In this video I explain how to Burn a bootloader to your Maker Select v2 main board and flash firmware to it. **Note: You may need to download an older versi...

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 · Marlin Firmware configured for operation on the Monoprice Maker Select V2 (Wanhao Duplicator i3) - andyrblank/Marlin-Maker-Select-V2

I've had my original Maker Select V2.1 since 2016 and never bothered to change the firmware (stupid I know, it lacks thermal runaway), but recently picked up 2 more and may go ahead and experiment with a firmware update on one of the new machines. Marlin doesn't include an example configuration for these 3D Printers, but assuming there aren't any unexpected tweaks needed, I am guessing it won ...

 · It took some time to get this flashed properly and up and running but the speed is noticeably faster on infill The arduino board I used to flash was the Eleg...

Flashing firmware to Monoprice Maker Select. Discussion. Trying to get my friend to calibrate his Maker Select, but we're having problems. We have all the new steps calculated and put in marlin, but we cant figure out how to flash it to do the board. I dont even know what kind of board it is, but whatever it is, it isnt flashed in the same way as RAMPS. Arduino isnt recognizing the board as ...

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