How to see which firmware with novastar

how to see which firmware with novastar

how to see which firmware with novastar

Cookies are small data files that a website automatically downloads to a user’s computer or mobile device when they visit the site. They are primarily used in helping the website recognise a user that has visited the site previously (such as remembering the user’s login, …

Run NovaLCT-Mars, move the cursor over the Advanced User Login (A) and click the button. Login with the password "admin" To access the Load Program window, type "admin" on the blank. Choose right communication port?click Sending Card FPGA?click Refresh to finish firmware version check.

Help center Search Warranty All NovaStar products come with a 3 year warranty. After-Sales Click here to download the After-Sales Service and Repair Specification (Exclusive to Products Sold Outside China Mainland) 24/7 Serivce If you would like to speak with a representative directly, please contact our Customer Support Technician by phone call. We are available […]

Download NovaStar Software Go to download Know all screens anywhere and anytime Professional Screen Manager Providing remote monitoring service for every NovaStar user! Efficient Remote Control With real field data everything is under control perfectly Telecommuting is no longer a dream Support remote adjustments of working parameters of the display, such as brightness of the […]

Note: NOVASTAR synchronous control system and asynchronous control system use different software. Refer below: 3. Configure the NOVASTAR asynchronous control card. 1. Open the software NovaLCT-Pluto, connect the sending card to the laptop with a net cable. And click “Search All Site(S)”. Probably you would not find the sending card.

Controller Standard Line MSD300 V4.7.5.0 Specifications Firmware MCTRL300 V4.7.5.0 Specifications Firmware MCTRL600 V4.7.8.0 Specifications Firmware MCTRL660 V4.7.2.0 Specifications User Manual Firmware MCTRL R5 V1.0.2.0 Specifications User Manual Firmware MCTRL4K V1.2.4.0 Specifications User Manual Firmware Update description Ultra-High Resolution Settings Generator …

software SmartLCT V3.5.3 SmartLCT Mac V3.5.3 SmartLCT Win V3.5.3 SmartLCT User Manual V3.5.3 Read Me V3.5.3 ViPlex ViPlex Express V2.4.0 Setup (x64) Async Mode User Manual V2.4.0 Studio Mode User Manual V2.4.0 Update Notes ViPlex Express V1.9.2.0201 Setup (x32) ViPlex Handy V-Can V3.5.0 V-Can V3.5.0 V-Can V3.5.0 User Manual V3.5.0 V-Can Update Notes V3.5.0 Read […]

 · Firmware; VX4S Introduction. Description . Features . Specifications . Comparison . The VX4S is a professional LED display controller. Besides the function of display control, it also features in powerful front end processing, so an external scalar is no longer needed. With professional interfaces integrated, VX4S with excellent image quality and flexible image control greatly meet the needs ...

The MCTRL4K is an LED display controller with ultra-large loading capacity developed by NovaStar. A single unit features a loading capacity of up to 4096×[email protected] It supports any custom resolutions with the maximum width or height up to 7680 pixels, meeting the on-site configuration requirements of ultra-long or ultra-wide LED displays.

ONE CARD TO RULE THEM ALLFor every application in the galaxyLearn moreAn Industry first brought to you by NovaStar See the world as it was meant to be Push your display to the limitFind moreNovaPro UHD Jr Power Meets Implicity The NovaPro UHD Jr is NovaStar’s new all-in-one controller that features excellent video processing capabilities, […]

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