How to use firmware mod kit in ubuntu

how to use firmware mod kit in ubuntu

how to use firmware mod kit in ubuntu

At first use tar -zxvf firmware-mod-kit tar.gz or you can extract by right click on it and click extract here. Then go inside of newly created folder where the file is extracted. Make sure you first read a file called INSTALL or INSTALL.txt or README. Check if there is any of these files with the ls command, and then display the right one with:

This kit gives the user the ability to make changes to a firmware image without recompiling the firmware sources. It works by extracting the firmware into its component parts, then extracting the file system image (assuming its in one the supported formats). The user can then make modifications to the extracted file system, and rebuild the firmware image.

This will build, but it’s a nightmare! Firstly, change the reference to python2-magic in the pkgbuild to just python-magic. Then run the sed commands in bt1ninja’s comment to include to (most of) the relevant files.

 · Author Topic: Cannot get the the firmware mod kit to work with Ubuntu (Read 13922 times) Lucian_rider. New; Posts: 3; Cannot get the the firmware mod kit to work with Ubuntu « on: April 13, 2009, 06:58:25 PM » Hi, I have a new 13" MacBook and via Parallels 4 I have created a virtual machine and installed Ununtu. The install is fully up to date and as far as I can see I have all of the ...

In order to use the Firmware Mod Kit, you must have a subversion client, standard Linux development tools (gcc, make, etc), the python-magic module, and the zlib and lzma development packages. If you are running an linux distro that use apt-get, e.g. Ubuntu or Debian, use: For Ubuntu: $ sudo apt-get install git build-essential zlib1g-dev liblzma-dev python-magic. OR for RedHat: yum ...

 · [email protected]:/mnt/hgfs/jyo/svn/firmware_mod_kit/firmware-mod-kit-read-only/trunk/trunk$ ls src/ addpattern.c jffs2 others squashfs-3.0-lzma-damn-small ...

Do NOT use this kit if you are not prepared to have your router bricked! EULA: By downloading or using this kit, you agree to accept liability for consequences of use or misuse of the Firmware Mod Kit. These include the bricking of your device. The authors of this kit have duly warned you. This kit is only for embedded systems software engineers.

Anyway after extraction you then need to mount it using well the mount utility here's how you do that: extract cramfs image from the binary: dd bs=1 skip=1071495 count=6082560 if=[firmware] of=dcs-1130L.cramfs ; make a directory to mount the cramfs image onto: mkdir /tmp/dcs-1130_cramfs/ (optionally compile uncramfs in firmware-mod-kit)

Both install and remove commands will currently be ignored when this option is used regardless of whether the request was more specifically made with only one or other (and not both) of --ignore-install or --ignore-remove. See modprobe.d(5).

 · Firmware Analysis Toolkit (FAT henceforth) is based on Firmadyne with some changes. Firmadyne uses a PostgreSQL database to store information about the emulated images. However just for the core functionality i.e. emulating firmware, PostgreSQL is not really needed. Hence FAT doesn't use it. Setup instructions. FAT is developed in Python 3 ...

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