Vive headset firmware always wants to update

vive headset firmware always wants to update

vive headset firmware always wants to update

Ever since I got my Vive Pre headset it never accepted to update my headset's firmware! Update always fails. Tried everything, unplugging, uninstalling steamVR! EVERYTHING! It wasn't a problem before because SteamVR ran anyway! But now SteamVR won't launch unless I update the firmware! HELP PLEASE! THANKS!

From your computer, do one of the following: On the SteamVR status window, mouse over on any of the hardware icons to check if the firmware is out of date, and then select to update the firmware. On the SteamVR app, click , and then click Devices > Update Device. Follow the prompts on the screen. If the update is for the controllers or base stations, you'll be asked to connect them to your ...

 · So, sadly I have yet another issue with the Vive Pro. It seems that it doesnt want to update the headset at all. It always fails, and yes I have tried what it recommends of unplugging and such. I have fresh installed steam VR and drivers. Still wants to update.....everything is updated. Tried bet...

Having a minor issue where I'm getting requested to update the firmware every time I start steamVR (I have to plug the controllers into the computer to get them to register.) Always the controllers sometimes the headset too. Anyone else? I'm thinking it is the USB port (I think I am on 3.0.) At work right now or I'd check. I haven't messed with it too much because it works and I'm having too ...

Headset Firmware Not Updating I got my Vive on Sunday but didn't get to try it out till yesterday. I did all the updates and up got to 5 out of 7 updates before it said it failed. I restarted it 3 times and the same thing kept happening. I manage to play without the update yesterday. Today I tried updating again and it says I have 2 updates and its stuck on the Display Update. Anyone have any ...

If you see the icon, mouse over it to check if the firmware is out of date. If so, click Update Device. Using a micro-USB cable, connect the controllers to one of your computer's USB ports one at time. Once the controller is detected by the SteamVR app, the firmware update will start automatically.

This is my current method of getting the Vive online - controllers NEVER pair without help from the cable. And they are nearly ALWAYS needing a firmware update. And when I try to update - usually the HMD complains of needing firmware. It updates, restarts SteamVR - repeat the above process and yet again, firmware updates needed.

I started the firmware update for one of my controllers and it's been going on for about ten minutes now. Now I feel like I'm stuck waiting on it because it says the Controller can be rendered unusable if interrupted. Edit: after 20-30 minutes I eventually just shut the update down via the task manager. Still worked after that, I still got the firmware update notification, but it is still not ...

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Then, it said my Oculus Rift had a Firmware Update. I check the status of my headset and sensors, and it said "Firmware Update Required". It does verify the data to prevent bricking, although I also have heard of someone bricking their headset so I was a little worried to be honest. It verified and rebooted the headset, then SteamVR started working. I had to quit SteamVR and relaunch it to get ...

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